Ministry of Health of Kuwait, represented by Kuwait Dental Administration follows a scientific policy and a clear methodology for the establishment of an integrated medical system in the various specialties of dentistry which is one of the most expensive medical specialties in terms of financial and human resources.

Now there is Kuwaiti dentist team who specialized in all dental specialties, working with colleagues of other nationalities in all health centers, either in the government sector or the private sector, providing services of treatment and prevention specialist in all branches of dentistry and it’s needs. They use equipment, technology and advanced materials in the treatment which reflected positively on the general health situation of the population.

We look into the extent of the quality of health services provided by the State of Kuwait and its location among the progressed world and the continuously striving does not stop to develop and improve the services to match the best international standards.

Kuwait Dental Administration is also working on the upbringing of promising generation who is able to take responsibility and aware of his medical mission . We are confident that this generation will be able to take this task with honesty, knowledge and wisdom to be qualified for the requirements for the next interval.

We provide in this website the achievements made in the field of dentistry through the sincere efforts of all personnel working in Kuwait Dental Administration (Doctors, technicians and administrators), as well as strategies and comprehensive information needed to support the ongoing development and modernization, and we hope to show you the vision of Kuwait Dental Administration towards a promising future for dental services in Kuwait by the God will.

      Dr. Yousef  Al Duwairi                        

Assistant Undersecretary for Dental Affairs   


Kuwait Dental Administration seeks to achieve a radical change - in form and substance - in the style of service delivery after the extensive study of the mechanism provided for dental services in various dental clinics in order to utilize all the possibilities, the available facilities and the potential development. Also, we are working to improve the provided preventive and  curative dental services and raises awareness of oral health for all segments of the community


Mission :

 Evaluation of the provided services and study of the strengths, weaknesses, constraints and opportunities for progress.

Develop plans, priorities and development programs to overcome the weaknesses and remove obstacles and support opportunities for progress, also exploitation of the possibilities to ensure the organization of the work according to established criteria and a clear system.

Raising the efficiency of human resources and improve the environment of scientific, practical and financial to them, also attention to the aspirations of the new generation of doctors and staff and create a spirit of fair competition between them to achieve better service.

Development of oral health services currently provided and raises the efficiency of facilities and equipment and the expansion of curative and preventive services with the updated potentials and ensure a balanced distribution of services between the regions of the State of Kuwait.

Monitoring and follow-up of medical and administrative performance of all sectors of Kuwait Dental Administration and the private sector to ensure compliance and quality of services provided.

Fruitful cooperation between Kuwait dental Administration and the Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization and The Faculty of Dentistry and Kuwait Dental Association and all auxiliary sectors to .support the constants of medical work and the ethics of the profession


Access to a generation that has the highest degree of oral and dental health
Improve the treatment and preventive oral health services to comply with the global averages
Raise awareness of oral health for all individuals of the society
Active scientific participation in international scientific forums to link the services with provided updates
Working to deposit  the State of Kuwait  among the list of developed countries in the field of dentistry


These values ​​are a measure to estimate the expectations for the quality of services provided and the satisfaction of the beneficiaries of these services.

Effectiveness: Providing services with skill and seriousness, respect and reverence for the recipients of services.

Teamwork: To create the necessary atmosphere of teamwork and the opportunity for each person to perform his duties.

Transparency: Clarity of tasks and explain the trends and policies of those in charge of these services.

Initiative: Initiative to shoulder responsibilities and to encourage others to take what belongs to them to be actors towards achieving the desired goals.

Commitment: Foresighted Commitment by constants according to the medical and administrative systems and rules.

Quality: To accommodate all cases, the recipient of the service with the effort to work on making the service provided consistent quality service, superior service to match the best global proportions.


Medical work is a great responsibility, borne by all members who work on its performance. In order to be successful in this performance , it must be built on consistent principles, clear policies, and harmonious with the spirit of modern times.

To adopt this, Dental Administration works according to an ambitious strategy and a clear vision of the present potentials and future requirements as follows:

Development of primary dental services: Aiming to upgrade the diagnostic and curative dental treatment in the primary health care centers and access to the rate of dentist population ratio to be one dentist per 3000 population through the rehabilitation and upgrading of the dental clinics and increase their number and equip it with the modern equipment, also through training and rehabilitation of an integrated team characterized by high efficiency to provide a comprehensive services - quality not quantity -  to achieve the satisfaction of the beneficiaries of the service and to reduce the overload and effort on the specialist clinics and save that effort for the advanced or complex cases.

The local graduate programs : To provide the local opportunities for Kuwaiti doctors whose circumstances did not allow them to travel abroad to obtain higher international degrees and also to increase their chances to join to specialist graduate programs in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The program also aims to create a new  generation of general practitioners in highly qualified dental skills who can contribute to a qualitative shift in the pattern of dental services in primary health care centers.

The development of diagnostic and curative dental services: This program is achieved through updating the service provided in dental specialist centers, and provide the latest hardware and tools, raise the level of technical performance of the doctors , nursing staff and the technicians to keep pace with scientific progress in the field of dentistry. And it also introduces new services such as service of dental implants to provide therapeutic alternatives to replace the field of  Prosthodontics, and continue the development of dental casualty  department with qualified staff to provide the service throughout the day.

Program of continuing medical education and training: This program aims to provide scientific support for the dentists and follow up on the latest medical developments, and to raise and support the technical performance in all dental sectors.

National Oral Health Program: It contains several sub-programs to provide preventive and curative services to the students, and the patients with special needs. It also aims  to control the spreading of oral infections and to reduce tooth decay and oral diseases, as well as educational program to provide information about oral health to spread health awareness and to indicate the importance of oral health for all segments of society.

Program to improve the quality of health care: This is done through the development of care procedures and work systems, to deliver health care according to quality standards and the requirements for international accreditation and to achieve continuous improvement of the quality of care.

Program to introduce of information technology: in order to configure an integrated database as an infrastructure for essential information and to facilitate and speed up decision-making as well as raising managerial performance.


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